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Mon 20Aug2012  Sharons Bio    Bill Firm this up:
 Sharons POA
                                How can the State of MN collect Taxes based on Fraud,Bogus Assessments, Disabilitys? Judges "Orders" to Committ_Triggering Murder?
Disparagement of Titles via Unpublished,Illegal Court Orders? contrary to Title 3, ADA
                              Legal Notice to Bill Windsor  Edit,Publish,Whatever to expose Judicial Corruption
Affiant being of Sound Mind and Body except going Blind in L Eye,Hearing R.Ear Ageless
                              To the Public at Large, Media Its hard_40 yrs of Heritage fighting the Corrupt Judicial System,  Sharon is outliving all of YOU.
                               Sharon has been Jailed,Beaten fighting for her Daughter Vonessa for 40 years, and must continue to the Death. Sharon is a Registered Gun Owner, Member of NRA.
                              13 Propertys taken under Color of Authority by Lesbian Judge Kathleen Gearin,Illegal Commitments of Disabld Family 
                        Legal Notice to the MN DFL Governor,Current St.PaulMayor 
                                Question to MN Chief Justice: Why have you not reappointed the SCAP?
                             You Bet the SCAP Commitment Panel must be Abolished.
                             Chaired by Lesbian Judge Joanne Smith
                             Summary Sharon Says Vote YES on MN Marriage Amendment
                                 between one Man and one Woman.
                            Sharon ran against Dick Cohen from Brainard State Hospital 1997
                               Sharon is the only Certified
                                    Sane Candidate for Public Trust and Office.
                                 Questions have Gay and Lesbian Judges for over 30 years used their
                          Official Capacity to harm,injure Straight Married Couples   YES
                            Triggering Death,Disability,Disparagement of Titles including RealEstate
                             Insurance Coverage, Sharons 13 Proper

 tys,Peterbilt,Cars,Trailers etc.
              All Agencies ie Revenue, All 87 Countys,Municipalitys,Townships
             John Doe, Mary Roe, all Similarily Situated et al
               Affidavit of Sharon Anderson SSD: xxx-xx-5396 Current Candidate
                               MEMORANDUMN  100 BLOGS web sites

Bill Windsor' Platform - Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives ... 6, 2012 - 8 min - Uploaded by votebillwindsorThis is Bill Windsor's Platform. Bill Windsor is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from ...
                                   Summary of Events of Sharon who is NOT a Liar or Lawyer.
            Sharons Daughter Vonessa was "taken" by the Corruption in the MN State AG's Office  DFL Warren Spannus backyard neighbor of John Scarrella 78 E.Geranium St.Paul,MN  approx 1965,
                          a.  Vonessa Anna Maria Scarrella by Corrupt Courts_Judges,City and County Attorneys, given to Scarrella and his Mistress Joan Cloyd, involved in the Murder of Cloyd's aka Henry Gooselaw Jr. 10 month old Son.
                          b. From 1965 up to and including the Present Affiant must continue to expose the Heinous,Repugnant MN Judiciary. on the Graves of Sharons Tenants in Common  Bill and Bernice A. Peterson at 1058 Summit Ave. St. Paul,MN 55105.  2nd Husband Cpl Jim Anderson Silver Star Marine, PSTD Kicked out of their Homestead by Lesbian Judges Kathleen Gearin and Joane Smith, who knew we were disabled and the Homestead was paid in full ie: No Mortgage and the forced Non Homestead Taxes were Paid.  Affiant Sharons Lega
l Domicile , Sharon has been on the Ballot for MN AG at all times: Separation of Powers
                         Denied the Job of Judge as Sharon is not a Liar or Lawyer
In re: Scarrella4Justice221NW2d562  Published without Royalitys or Sharons Permission.
                              Has Judicial Reprisals on Fraud, Unpublished Court Orders, Bogus Code Violations triggered Heinous Jailings vs. Sharon  by GAY Suicidal Judge Alberto Miero, Miero subsequently RESIGNED then 1997 Illegal Rule 20, at St. Peter State Hospital and Brainard for 94 Days to Save Sharons 2nd Husbands Life 
Yes the Pic Proves the Corruption of the Minnesota Court System and to covertly coverup
Attorney Pro Se_Private AG and Whistleblowers Valid Complants of Government Abuse.


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Sharon Anderson Advocates

US CAVC Docket 03-0639 Sharon L. Anderson | US v. Cruikshank mandating Grand Jury US v Cruikshank 92 US 542 (1875) | Gun Owner. 2003 St. Paul Elections Candidate: Swedish & Chez Heritage Czech & Slovak Sokol Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota Tel/fax:: 651-776-5835,

Legal Research Analyst US Cases & Codes

Title 31 Whistleblower chap. 53

"Sharon is not a Liar or Lawyer " Minnesota Constitution Art. III
In Re: Scarrella for Associate Justice 221 NW2d.562 Election Contest Vote Fraud/MS 211b.16 MS2.724, Rep vs. White 2002, Dr. Wild v Justices Otis and Knutson no 46895 & 46882 Aug.12th,1977 Dr. Wild vs. Justices Otis/Knutson Aug.12th,1977 46895 & Widow of James R. Anderson US MC:11022885 VA 16136312 / SaluteTroops& Cpl. James R. Anderson USMC:11028855 | COVA Dec. 10th, 2002 Notice ot reopen claim re: US Dist.97- 1258(ADM/AJB Mrs. J.R. Anderson v.VA sec.West,  Anthony Principi | The U.S. Freedom of Information Act on Its 37th Birthday FOIA,

US Dist.CV-02-332(Rosenbaum)
FindLaw: Anderson Advocates | 2002 ATTORNEY GENERAL Sharon Anderson 2000 | Vote SHARON ANDERSON for SUPREME COURT JUSTICE | Card for Anderson + Advocates Inc.

Church of Justice Reform & Rose of Sharon Ministrys Inc. 1058 Summit/Legal Domicile Scarrella/AndersonAbstract/Duplex
Edina Colleen Langford's Website1058 Summit | 697 Surrey

JR's Buck Lake Cabin: 15823 City Rd 55,Nashwauk, MN. 55769
42741-321 ST PL (GUN LAKE) AITKIN, MN.56431 db


94 Peterbilt, 48x102 Flat ID: 1XFCD68X5RN339857
Exp: Lic/LKZ373OK/Sharon Anderson Storage Ins.
Truck Writers 1-800-634-8612, Deal $35,000.

Sharon Anderson Advocates: Fax and V: 651 776 5835  E-mail:

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Please Google Sharon must Abolish SCAP Panel
In a message dated 8/20/2012 11:28:24 A.M. Central Daylight Time, To the Above Names writes:
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News Release Banner
For Immediate Release
August 20, 2012

Contact: Ryan Brown

Tax reform on a stick – Learn about tax reform efforts and get helpful information at the Department of Revenue booth at the Minnesota State Fair!

What: The Department of Revenue will host a booth at the Minnesota State Fair. Visitors can ask general tax questions, pick up a free temporary tattoo, and learn about the complexity of Minnesota’s tax system and the need for tax reform in a fun, visual way.
Department experts will be available to answer questions about Governor Mark Dayton’s tax reform initiative, the need for tax reform in Minnesota, and to gather more ideas from Minnesotans on making our tax system fairer, simpler and supportive of growth.
Who:   Minnesota Department of Revenue staff and tax reform experts

When: Aug. 23 – Sept. 3, 2012
            Department staff: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily.
            Tax reform experts: 9-10 a.m. and 3:30–4:30 p.m. daily.

On Aug. 27 at 1 p.m., Commissioner Frans will be joined by Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon for a demonstration of the three-legged stool concept of Minnesota’s tax system.

Where: Education Building, Minnesota State Fairgrounds

Interviews: For interviews with Commissioner Frans contact Ryan Brown at 651-556-6750 or

YouTube video on the need for a balanced revenue system:


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